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Texture Work

$60 - Simple Design

Simple markings, nothing too specific or intricate.

$75 - Mildly Complex Design

Some specific designs but overall still pretty simple.

$90 - Complex Design

Intricate designs or typically complex natural patterns like african wild
cats or snow leopards.


Unity Work

$20 - Basic Work

Basic Avatar Setup. Minimal Clothing and Toggles. 

$40 - Simple Work

Some toggles and clothing setup. 
Prefab additions.

$60 - Complex Work

15+ toggles, complicated or large prefabs.
Custom systems or additions.


Terms of Service

Commission Acceptance and Payment
We reserve the right to refuse a commission at any time, for any reason.

Payment is due upfront at the beginning of the commission. This payment policy is implemented to mitigate potential scams, based on previous experiences.

Cancellation of a commission must be requested prior to the commencement of the in-progress stage. Once a commission has entered the in-progress stage, refunds will not be provided.

If we do not possess a required asset for your commission, you are responsible for covering the cost of the asset, both for yourself (if you do not already own it) and for us (if we do not own it). Exemptions may apply based on the terms associated with the asset.

Scope of Work

The services we provide and their limitations will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Any issues or modification requests related to your commissioned avatar must be reported within 7 days upon completion of the commission. Failure to do so may result in additional charges for subsequent changes or work.

Commission Results and Requirements

The quality of the end result of your commission relies on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the references or descriptions provided by you.

Texture commissions do not include set up in Unity. You will receive a .zip file containing your texture files, which you will need to assemble in Unity on your own.

Please note that the terms and conditions stated above are subject to change without prior notice.

Contact Us

Discord: @junovr
Twitter:  @StoopidJexJuno

Jax Hendricks
Discord: @jaxhendricks
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